It all started with failure!

My 1st job in sales started at the age of 25. As a young man I tried and failed at the LA Raiders camp. This was a devastating hit to my ego. With my dreams crushed I was in search of something to replace the passion and feeling of sports. 

I heard rumors of sales people making great money in the components industry. One individual I met made over $600k in a year. This was the spark that lit the fire of curiosity. It wasn't just about money, it was about success and notoriety. 

I had a lot of set backs my first year in sales. Set backs, hard ships and failures are all key elements to growth. I was fortunate to have some great mentor's that inspire me to become successful. I was fired for non-performance right out of the gate. This positive event set the stage for a massive comeback and drove me to become a serious grinder. The year after getting let go, I ended up making presidents club and cleared a healthy 6 figure income at the age of 26 years old. It was a highlight in my life. I received  the highly coveted presidents club gold ring which only 5 elite people in the company possessed. Talk about a 180 and massive vindication. I quickly learned sales was not luck and consisted of a well constructed defined process. 

After obtaining some nice success in the components industry, I ended up being recruited by a division of Seagate. This opportunity translated into a considerable amount of growth. I started out as an account executive and rose to the position of Vice President of Corporate Development. My executive communication skills flourished. I was exposed to some amazing people, gained tremendous confidence and created some beautiful relationships. The best decision I made was to embrace progressive self development. Most people avoid this and continue to get the same results. The brain is just like a muscle, it must be exercised or it will atrophy. Everything on this planet is meant to grow. We have to become uncomfortable in order to improve. 


Become Elite, Sales Training

86% of wealthy believe in lifelong educational self-improvement vs. 5% of poor

Yes, the picture above is part of my sales education collection. Sales education is imperative for success., I encourage people who are serious, to create a self-designed training curriculum . There are numerous resources available to people. I suggest that whatever you decide to study, make sure the following key areas are covered. 

Outbound Prospecting 

In bound process 

CEO communications skills 


Asking the right questions to the right people 

Handling objections 

Business stature 



Follow up and creating referrals 

Post sale 

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Sales is one of the highest paid professions. If you are serious about increasing your earning power, embrace continual self development in this craft. Click the link below for some Below are some industry sales metrics to look at. 

Grateful For The Rewards


Steve Greinke, CEO SC Fuels.

One of the greatest rewards is serving and delivering value to people who appreciate it. I consider it an accomplishment, building long term trusting relationships with executives. Superb listening skills will accelerate your rapport. Remember it is about learning, understanding and empathizing..