Selling To Vito

I think starting off with Selling to Vito makes great sense. It is my firm belief that all sales need to start at the top. Selling to Vito and Anthony Perinello's assoiated books are focused on selling to the "C" suite. Anthony's knowledge has been instrumental with my success as a sales person. Please do yourself a massive and study this, it will be pay dividends. 

Key Points: 

- How to get to the executive

- What to say

- How to act and talk

- Decision making process 

- Hierarchy, thought process 

Sales Empowerment

Professional sales education is a must!

If you think great sales people are lucky, think again. There are various working pieces and parts responsible for developing a high producer. In order to become a player you absolutely must have an educational path. There are a number of great books, seminars and youtube videos that can help you. Here are some that have helped me develop. 


Sandler Sales

The Sandler Sales system is excellent, proven and widely known. This is perhaps the best tactical sales system I have seen. 

I highly suggest this program for anyone reaching for the top. 

Key topics:

Bonding and Rapport 

Up Front Contracts 





Post Sale 

The Power To Get In

The circle of leverage is amazing! This is a great and excellent system to follow. You will learn how to get yourself and your proposition's in front of the target audience. You will have plenty of eye opening concepts, tactics and strategies when studying this system.