About Me

Adding Value, Delivering Excellence, Making Progress

I have had the fortunate opportunity to be surrounded by a number of amazing people in my life. These people have played a massive role in both my professional and personal development.  My life's experiences combined with struggle's and victories has been a part of a positive journey of growth. It has been an absolute pleasure to serve God, family, children, friends, businesses and customers. Life is always changing and I believe it moves in the direction for us not necessarily to us. We are meant to grow and make a difference. The picture above is of myself and “Trevor Milton, CEO of Nikola Motors”, delivering a well-orchestrated speech in 2018. This was a nice career highlight.                                                                                             

Professional Development

My professional development started with my father who came from very humble beginnings as the son of a coal miner from Appalachia and transitioned into a Corporate Executive for Mars, Inc.  If it wasn't for his struggles, he may have never reached for the top. His determination and charisma is highly admirable to say the least. I am very thankful for the many things he taught me over the years, notably communication skills and the meaning of committing to excellence. My father is naturally a solid public speaker. I was blessed to have a mother who despite working in male dominant business world managed to develop and succeed as a business professional. She ran a division of McGraw Hill and became a business owner. I was given great books to read by my mother. The first book was "Winning Friends and Influencing people by Dale Carnegie". There couldn't have been a better book to start with, I would say at about the age of 27,  I started embarking on my journey of progressive professional development.  My first in-depth experience was a rigorous study of the " Sandler Sales Method" taught by David Bell. This was an eye opener of an experience on the true science behind sales psychology. Please read my professional development page, it contains a number of suggestions and resources to help people grow. We must control our mind in order to achieve. The mind is powerful and can be a friend or foe. The battle for the mind never stops.                                                                                                                                                                  

Personal Growth

I sincerely believe that happiness in life requires a healthy balance of body, mind and spirit. It is critical to keep rituals that feed our soul, intellect and body. A body in motion stays in motion. We are all unique forms of energy, we must keep ourselves moving forward carefully directing our mind in a place of faith, belief and consistency. The goal of this site is to illustrate the professional side of my life, however I thought it was important to give some thought to the personal side of my life. Both our professional and personal life is dependent upon each other. One positive step that I believe will keep our mind directed in the right in the place, is to embrace to struggle. Our hardships build and define us. I continue to learn that life is happening for me and not to me. We can learn volumes from our circumstances and failures. No one arrives and nothing is permanent. I have learned that challenges keep us on the path towards excellence. Everyday is a gift to grow and flourish. If we can keep our mind geared towards quality thoughts the result is success. The definition of success is the continuous progress of a worthwhile idea or endeavor. Eliminate the junk and feed our mind, body and soul good nutritious food. 


It all starts in the mind...


Self Talk Creates Reality